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Should You Have a Flu Vaccination?

The dreaded flu comes around year in, year out. For some it causes an unpleasant few days, but for those a little more vulnerable it can cause severe illness – in the worst case death.

Vulnerable groups include the elderly, pregnant women or those with an underlying health condition. It’s these groups that we recommend to have a flu vaccination. If you’re unsure if you fall in to one of these groups, then simply give us a call and we’ll discuss it with you.

Flu Vaccinations in Hull

From our purpose built clinic in Hull, we can provide you with a speedy flu jab at a time that suits you – at an affordable price.

If you’re presenting flu like symptoms then wear also able to offer a treat service. Simply contact us today to see how we can help.

In Bed with Flu
Sneezing due to Flu

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