Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Discover how Propecia could help with your hair loss

Hair loss is nothing to be embarrassed about

There are many reasons of hair loss within men. Some can be very natural and a simple genetic condition, we would call this male pattern baldness and is usually a hereditary condition.

Other times hair loss in men could be caused by something else, such as emotional stress and many other factors.

Hair loss is nothing to be embarrassed about. But, if you’re concerned that it’s affecting your happiness then help can be at hand thanks to our team of clinicians.

Propecia to help the affects of male pattern baldness

If you’ve been doing your research you’ll have most probably come across Propecia tablets to help with hair loss.

Quite simply it prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (or DHT for short). As a result, this can prevent further hair loss and even increase new hair growth.

During an appointment with one of our clinicians you’ll be able to discuss your hair loss concerns, and discover if Propecia will be of benefit to you.

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Older man with baldness
Middle aged man with thinning hair

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