Hay Fever Treatments

Let's kick that groggy feeling with effective hay fever relief

Minimise your irritating hay fever symptoms with effective treatment

Suffering from hay fever can be frustrating and irritating to say the least. As soon as spring and summer comes you’re hit with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and that general groggy feeling.

You’ll have tried every product out there, and probably spent a fortune too – but taming these little pollen gremlins could be easier than you think.

Here at Atropa we have a number of powerful hay fever treatments that are only available via health care professionals. After a short chat with one of our trained pharmacists, we’ll be able to offer the right medication to suit your symptoms.

Not sure what’s triggering your hay fever?

If you only have hay fever in certain months of the year then chances are it’ll be a type of plant or flower that’s giving you that groggy feeling.

Typically, the hay fever season is…

Tree: Mid-March to Mid-July

Grass: Mid-May to July

Weeds: Late-June to September

If your symptoms occur outside of these times, they are unlikely to indicate hay fever, but might be due to other allergens. Have a chat with our pharmacy team and they’ll be more than happy to advise.

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