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If you’re looking for help to stop smoking in the Hull area then you’re in luck. Here at Atropa our friendly clinicians are ready and waiting to help you boot the nasty habit.

We all know smoking is proven to be detrimental to health, yet millions of people still continue to find a reason not to quit.

But let’s just run through some of the basic facts, and take a minute to think of how serious it is…

  • Around 106,000 people in the UK are killed by smoking every year, accounting for one fifth of all UK deaths.
  • Lung cancer kills more people than any other type of cancer and around 80% of these deaths are caused by smoking.
  • Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including tar, nicotine, benzene and carbon monoxide.
  • The average smoker will lose about 10 years of life because of their smoking.
  • 30 minutes exposure to second-hand smoke is sufficient to reduce coronary blood flow in otherwise healthy adults.

Quitting smoking with Champix

With the help of our team on National Avenue in Hull, stopping smoking will be much easier than you think.

After a short questionnaire and some medical history, we can provide you with prescribed medication that will help kerb those cravings and make the quitting smoking process much more tolerable.

It’s not just the medication though. Our health care professionals will be with you at every step of the way providing support and motivation when you need it.

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