Prescription Management For Care Homes

Removing the hassle of administrating medication

A reliable care home pharmacy service

Like you, we’re passionate about patient safety and staff satisfaction in the care industry. That’s why we’re committed to giving you a fast, reliable and safe service.

We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. Our modern systems will cut down significant time spent on administrating medication, allowing you and your team to be able to concentrate on the people that matter the most in your home, the residents.

We will work with you to make sure your medication system is safe, effective, reduce any possible risks and of course be compliant with DOH and CQC regulations.

How we can help your care home…

  • A FREE same day collection and delivery service for all your mid month prescriptions, including your staff. Once the prescription is with us, stock permitting, we aim to get the medication to you by 7pm (if in the East Yorkshire region and depending on traffic).
  • We organise the medication and/or MAR charts in the order you choose whether it is alphabetical or room.
  • We print you MAR charts portrait or landscape, you choose.
  • You return a copy (that we provide) of the previous months MAR chart telling us exactly what medication you require for each resident for the following month, and then we do the rest. We re-order from the doctor’s, collect prescriptions when they are ready, and then deliver the medication to you in good time.
  • Online ordering system which can free up time consuming paper work for your staff.
  • Optional ‘EMAR’ system allowing your staff to use a smart tablet to sign in and administer medication rather than using paper MAR charts. Each member of staff has a login, and managers have their own for auditing purposes.
  • Multimeds systems, providing a simple pod for each care home resident. The units are clearly labelled with the patients name and dose, making it easier on each drug round. The Multimeds system allows the staff member to simply peal off the seal and pass to the resident, minimising the risk of infection. NOMAD concise racking is available, if preferred.
Care home dispensing
Multimeds system
Prescription app for care homes

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