Weight Loss

Discover the power of Lipotrim and a trained health care professional

The Lipotrim programme

If you are serious about losing weight then the Lipotrim diet may have the answer.

It’s not another fad diet but a nutrient-complete total food replacement, supervised by a health care professional who will be there with you, motivating you each week helping you succeed with your weight loss goal.

Lipotrim  products are low in calories but nutritionally complete, so they will keep you healthy, well nourished and comfortable while you lose your excess weight.

Would you prefer Orlistat medication? Take a look further on down the page.

Lipotrim FAQs

Should I see my GP?

You may need to see your GP first before joining the pharmacy programme. It is important in some cases (e.g. Diabetes) that both the weight and any attendant medical problems are managed correctly.

What sort of loss could I achieve?

When you follow the programme properly you should be able to lose about a stone a month (women) or a stone and a half (men).

How does Lipotrim work?

The programme involves using Lipotrim Total Food Replacement formulas in place of your regular meals, and weekly visits to your pharmacy to monitor your progress.

What sort of foods and flavours are available?

The programme includes chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavoured drinks. Chicken soup and of choice of either coconut or peanut butter flavoured flapjacks are also available.

Orlistat treatment

After a consultation with the Pharmacist we can provide a medicine that helps stop the absorption of fat from food.

We would have to guide you through the process which is free and following a diet and guidance from us, you should start seeing the results in the mirror.

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